Hay – the real Outback

To get back to Sydney, we decided to drive through some outback as well. So we drove from Renmark to Mildura and then from there through West Wyalong to Hay. Where the hell is Hay may some people ask. It is around 800 km west from Sydney. Hay is a very typical outback town. You drive in from one side and head out at the other end … but in Hay you even have four ends … four possible directions to go. We stayed in the Hay Caravan Park. The owner of the park was very friendly and loved to have a chat. Leila made a drawing for him. He was very happy. By the way: one of his grandchildren is also called Leila. Hay is very famous for its sheep shearers. They built a shears outback hall of fame. We took the chance to visit the museum and had a guided tour and a shearing demonstration. It was very impressive – especially for our girls. This hall of fame is an excellent example of how you can attract tourists. And it was really worth the visit.