Renmark at the Murray River

What a beautiful town! Renmark is nestled along the Murray River and has a lot to offer. Here you find the biggest fruit and vegetable farms in South Australia. The Murray River provides this land with the water needed to grow wonderful fresh fruit, vegetable and of course wine grapes. The drawback of this is that Australia pays a high price for the watering system along the Murray River. The farmers are fighting against the erosion of the soil and due to sometimes long drought periods the water level in the river is sinking. Furthermore the soil gets saltier and it becomes more and more difficult to do agriculture there. The flood plains get less water and therefore the river red gum forests don’t get enough water to survive.

We took the chance to visit the old Paddle Steamer PS Industry. Once a month they do round trips on the river with it – unfortunately not while we were there.

For lunch we went to the Renmark Hotel where we had kangaroo filet on a hot stone. We thought this is something you should try while in Australia. It was delicious!

We spent two beautiful days right at the riverfront on the Big 4 Caravan Park in Renmark. Funny that not a lot of Australians swim in the river … is it save? We know that there are no Crocodiles in there … or are we wrong? Hmm, some people do waterskiing … Daniel gave it a first try and jumped in … and he got back to the shore safely. So let’s do the same with the whole family! What a wonderful river and the water temperature is just perfect. Of course the girls prefer the swimming pool and waterpark on the campground. And then it’s time for a sundowner with a great view over the water.