Seagulls and Albatros seem to love meat

We spent a day in Wilsons Promontory N.P.  What a spectacular scenery! This is a must see place! We went for a walk along the beautiful, lonely beach and for lunch we decided to make use of one of the BBQ stations right there at the beach. Earlier in the day, we had bought some fresh lamb steaks and sausages from a Butcher in Foster. We cooked some lentils and decided to have some chips as well. We put everything on the table and the meat on the BBQ. Everything and everybody was ready to eat. The kids had the sausages on their plates. The seagulls flew an attack and grabbed one of the sausages! Oh, wow we did not know they were eating meat! They would not let us eat. We had to move to a more protected table and still had an enormous fight with them. It was not at all a relaxing meal.

After lunch – or at least what we had from it – we decided to do the short walk of an hour to the lookout. From there we had a great view over the coastline of the park with its beautiful beaches. What a wonderful day. And for the night we decided to go out of the park to a nice little campground near Yanakie right at the Corner Inlet Marine National Park. We picked a site right at the waterfront. There we had our sundowner with a very spectacular view over the bay. At night we could see the moon rise over the bay.

February 14, 2017