A day with Claire and Billy

On 31st January we had the great opportunity to spend a day with locals! Claire and Billy took a day off work to show us around Sydney.

At 10am they came to pick us up with their car. We drove to Darling Harbour where we spent some time on a great water-playground. We all had so much fun – especially the kids! As it was an extremely hot day (35° Celsius) Leila and Tosca run through the water to cool down a little bit. They where completely wet but with this heat and the strong wind their clothes were dry in less than 1 hour. After lunch at Nick’s Café close by we drove to Billy’s parents house where we had a very warm welcome. The kids fell in love with the cute puppy dog “River”  and of course with the swimming pool in the garden where they jumped in right away.

River preferred to stay on the sofa with a ice cooler under his belly to keep him cool in this heat. And of course he loved to be cuddled by Leila & Tosca. What a dog’s life! If I was sure to have such a life as a dog I would wish to come back as one.

Although Tosca was extremely tired and still feeling the jetlag a lot, she would not want to sleep – of course not – she could miss out on something! So then we decided to go to Manly Freshwater Beach. This was our first day at the beach in Australia, wow! It was wonderful. The water was quite cold and the wind was very strong but the waves where great to play in.

After the swim in the ocean we went back to their house for a superb BBQ or “Barbie” how it is called here. The food and the drinks where delicious. After dinner the girls jumped back into the pool before we got a yummy desert.

Thank you very much Claire & Billy, Dana & Mike, Coco & Alex for having us. We had a wonderful time together. See you soon!

January 31, 2017